MAGNUS DENNIS Director / Photographer

Magnus’ tools are cameras, lenses and lights in all formats and configurations.

He has a very strong vision and a remarkable photographic memory, resulting in film and photography playing a huge part in his life. 

He has made films for clients such as Nike, BBC, Paul Smith, Temperley, Motorola, Vodafone, o2 and Glenmorangie. 
One of Magnus’ great strengths is his flexibility to offer both film making and stills imagery for clients. 

On set, Magnus comes alive with a buzzing energy that is infectious. He loves the collaboration process that goes into filmmaking, and hence makes films, documentaries, photographic animations, digital installations as well as taking photographs. 

He enjoys being involved in the explosion of new media and how the rulebook is constantly being re written.

One of Magnus’ big passions is the water. Early in his career he would travel regularly to document expeditions with treasure hunters and marine archeologists hence being in, on or under the waves is a strong passion.

He now lives in a luscious valley in Somerset with his gorgeous family but can regularly be found whizzing through the streets of his hometown, London.

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